Ex-Friends and Lovers Who Have Been Canceled by the Kardashians

The Kardashian clan has proved over and over again that you should never defy them, unless you’re ready for an epic feud.

America’s favorite reality TV family is always here to bring the drama. This unpredictable bunch gets in shameless battles with one another all the time, having screaming matches and throwing fits. But if you’re outside the family? You might as well kiss your butt goodbye.

Cross the Kardashian Clan and Get Cancelled

Thanks to their need to always be in the spotlight, all of the epic Kardashian drama is always front and center for everyone to witness.  That means that we always get the dirty deets every time a friend or lover gets canceled.

Here are the top 9 ex-friends and ex-lovers who have been dumped from the Kardashian’s inner circle. Which one do you think deserved to be ditched the most?